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The begining of the new century is welcomed with the slogan "health for all" .Advancements in medical sciences are also coming up in their way to match the increasing needs of the public. Deendaya Memorial Hospital which is a multi speciality hospital with 200 beds strength is already rendering services in 28 different departments.

The institute is providing the following additional ultra-modern facilities under one-roof

1.ITU (intesive traume unit)

2.Visual Laser Ablation Of Prostate(VLAP)

3.ESWL (with Stonelith machine)

4.Endovision surgeries

5.Phaco Emulsification System

Trust has also established "DEENDAYAL CANCER RESEARCH INSTITUTE" and also a seperate project of "NATIONAL HEART INSTITUTE". It was inaugarated by Hon. Prime Minister of India Shri. Atal Bihari Vajapayee on 26th June 1999.

Special Features

*The world's best fully Digital Cardiac Cathaterization laboratory with the multiple features that are truely the cutting edge in imaging that will the best in this part of the country

* Sonus 5500 colour Doppler Echocardiography System

*Fully featured CVTS operation theatres with the highest standards of OT services that outperform the best theatres in the country

*Team of skilled Doctors.

The Institute is offering all the services at very reasonable costs, and all the facilities are calculated to reduce the patient agonies and ensure faster recovery enabling him early discharge from the Hospital. The work done by the trust is creditable . The trust has various Health-programs and schemes for all. In order to meet the social and National benefit's activities of the Trust the appeal is made for "Donations" to the Trust which is exemted under the ITC 80 G 35(9)(ii).