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!! Namo Vighnaswaroopaaya Namaste Vighnaharine

Namaste Sarvaroopaaya Sarvasaakhin Namostute!!


(Obeisance to you Ganesha who are yourself obstacle and its remover;

obeisance to you who are of the form of everything and witness to everything)




The Lord Ganesha is one of the most popular Hindu deities who is worshipped at the start

of every religious occasion as the presiding diety.As he is remover of all obstacles he is

propitiated at the begining of every work,task undertaken.

Lokmanya Tilak started the Ganeshfestival in

Pune in August 1893 and was given a form of public movement so as to bring people

together on a common platform regardless of divisions based on cast and creed Lokmanya

encouraged the melas and gave a philip to the Ganapati immersion procession and thus he

achived the objects of giving proper directions to the enthusiasm of the youth ,to praise

the artists and to educate people and thus Ganesh festival assumed the nature of public

grand celebration not only in pune but also all over the country,

However Pune Ganesh Festival has got very special features and its own identity in the country.