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Stop Press …

A Smile Vanishes Forever ……


Fellow Collegues, it would be hard to believe for you , just as it was for all of us, that our esteemed colleague, Editor-Co-ordinator and Central pillar for the Journal- Dr. Prof. Changalani is no more. On 29th of August, miles away from his home and hospital where he spent his entire lifetime , he breathed last. He had been to Hubali as an examiner for MS in general Surgery, where in night, he passed away in loneliness leaving behind…… a family that loved him, a hospital which was proud of him and hundreds of students who worshipped him.


Dr.Tikamdas Tanumal Changalani was born on 28th Nov.1945. He completed his undergraduate and postgraduate training from TN Medical College, Mumbai in 1974. His academic interest to persue a career as a teacher in Surgery made him join LTMG Hospital as a Tutor in 1975 and he continued to rise in the faculty and in the hospital in the subsequent years. He served the institute till fate snatched him away and this was long, long association of 24 years. He was undergraduate teacher for 25 years at University of Mumbai and Postgraduate teacher for 18 years. He was an examiner for undergraduate as well as postgraduate examinations  for Mumbai, Goa, Saurashtra, Manipal, Delhi, Karnataka and National Boards. He was also an Inspector , National Boards of Examination, Member, Board of Surgery, Board of Examinations and served University in different positions. He was  the Organising Secretary of ASICON 1996. He organized several CMEs in Surgery. He was a fellow of Association of Surgeons of India and International College of Surgeons. Dr.Changalani  was an elected member of Governing Council of ASI 1998-2000 and was also entrusted with the job of convening the National CME in ASICON 1999.


He was a committed teacher and a compassionate surgeon. Surgical Management of Trauma was his expertise and he had a vast experience in treating trauma patients. He looked after the trauma and A&E services of LTMG Hospital and had contributed immensely in the development of the trauma ward and evolving protocols for management . Conservative management for splenic trauma, treatment of renal trauma and total parenteral nutrition were areas of his special interest. He had several publications and book chapters to his credit.


“T.T.C.” – as he as popularly known amongst his friends and students , was a simple person. He neither flaunted his professional status, nor forced himself upon his subordinates. He believed in team management and delegation. His gifted qualities of carring people alongwith him led to a successful ASICON 1996. He acted as anchor for the journal when IJS was undergoing turbulent tides in last two years. He was ever smiling, approachable and adjustive.


The news of his untimely demise was so shocking to all of us in Mumbai, that we could hardly believe it till we saw his mortal remains. Just a day prior, before leaving for Hubali, he was with us in Editorial Board meeting, he seemed to be so full of life, newer ideas, further plans, forthcoming issues and so on… He telephoned us just before leaving for Hubali to give last minute instructions about this issue’s lay-out. He could never have imagined that we would have to delay the posting of the issue to add an Obituary for T.T.C.


Dr.Changalani is survived by his father, wife, a son and a daughter. His untimely and shocking demise is a tremendous loss to ASI, IJS and LTMGH. Our hearts now reach for the family who has lost their ever smiling spring of happiness.


A smile has faded forever….

May God grant the departed soul peace.



Sanjay Oak                                                                                                                           H. S. Bhanushali


Satish Dharap                                                                                                                      H.G. Doctor